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Socialimage  creates compelling media projects and provides them to nonprofit/charitable organizations to help expand their reach, educate the public and increase funding.


     I am so excited to post the video tomorrow!! Everyone will love it. "



    Thank you thank you thank you!""I cannot tell you how many times we have watched the DVD that Joe brought home yesterday. Even our oldest grandson wanted to watch it over and over. Some neighbours popped in and guess what they watched?


     This morning before going to school Alex, our grandson, asked to watch it again!!!


    I was quite impressed with Joe's level of comprehension and his ability to respond appropriately in a timely manner.  Definitely improvement!!"




    "Thanks Jeff!  This was a big help.


    You guys are wonderful – the pictures are beautiful and the video is so special.  You saved our Christmas bacon!"




    These gorgeous photos were taken by Jeff and Ben of Social Image.  They generously donated their time and artistry (including setting pictures in a card format) and helped to make our day a success.  Of course, it doesn’t hurt that the REAL Santa was there!



    Great job.... and I like how you captured the highlighted moments and the intended message with the video interview.

    Thank you!!...Times x 10



    People loved the neighborhood video you put together for us for Cover Me Urban!